A wedding website you'll love to share, but where we do all the hard work.

Keep your wedding planning to a minimum and make your guests lives easier at the same time. With our simple approach to building your website, it’s never been easier to have your own unique website.

"We were very impressed, not only with the website, but with how easy it was to do."

Wedding Websites Designed To Make You Feel Special

Be Unique…Feel Amazing!

Be Excited

Share all the build up and excitement to your wedding.

Be Different

A custom-built wedding website is totally unique!

Be Helpful

Make it easy for everyone to get the information they need.

Be Free

We do it all for you.  Avoid the pain and frustration of wedding planning.

Your Own Personal Website For Life...Built By Us!

Include Pretty Much Much Any Feature You Can Think Of!

Here’s just a few…

Online RSVPs

No lost responses!


Allow everyone to easily wish you well

Photo Galleries

Your permanent record

Instagram Feed

Link your feed

Logistic Info

Share just once!!

Wedding Lists

Make buying you a gift easy


Your site is as secure as you want

Stream Videos

Add your videos

Supplier Pages

For your suppliers eyes only.

Party Pages

Share logistics privately

Online Invites

Make it paperless and easy for youreself

Personalised eMails

Have your own email address

You can get your own personal website live, from as little as £99

Here's 3 easy ways to get started

Secure Your Website Name

Just want to make sure you can have the domain name you want when you're ready? Secure it today and we'll keep it nice and safe.

Free Service

'Save The Date' Page

Not sure when you want your website live? That's ok. We'll create a basic 'save the date' style page for you, until you're ready.

Only £99

Start Your Website

Ready to get your wedding website built? We've a team of designers and developers just waiting to build it!

From £279

Want A Little Inspiration? Here's Some Examples.

It’s always nice to get a few ideas first!​

"Our guests tell us that they love the site"

Our guests tell us that they love the site, and, with the logistics of having the wedding on an island, it was fantastic to be able to easily share all the important information and collect information on the needs of our guests
We used OnePlusOne to do our wedsite and are delighted that we did! We were very impressed, not only with the website but with how easy it was to do. Thank you!
Stephen and Ruth were a real pleasure to work with, and understood very well what we wanted from our very particular site.


It’s your website, so you can have whatever you want on it. Our very first wedding website didn’t have any personal story on it, so you’re not alone!

All we need from you is some details about your engagement/wedding, photos if you want them added and a little direction around what kind of styles you like. Then we get creating!

Yep, really! From when we have our Discovery Session, to when we flip the ‘Live’ switch, it’ll be one week. Pretty good, huh?!

As RSVPs are integrated with your website, we can manage it for you, for a small monthly fee.  For that we’ll keep you updated with the latest position, and manage reminders.

Your website can range from ‘Fort Knox’, where everyone needs a password to get in, to simply unfindable for search engines (what most clients go for). It’s entirely up to you.

We make a monthly update to your website as part of your package.  Just drop our support team an email and we’ll be right on it for you. We know how annoying it is when you want something changed, so we try to get all changes through within 24 hours.

That’s fine too.  We have an add-on package that let you have unlimited updates each month for only £19.99.  

Don’t worry, there are always options.  We’ve a lot of experience in helping choose a great name for your website.  We’ll help you get a fantastic name.